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Fun Activities

Much emphasis is placed on staying fit and busy while we were in our salad days. But we should spare a thought about our old days as well. This is the stage that need immediate attention and is the stage in which it could well be a couch potato. When working for a customer service agent for a company of online shopping based in the UK, I was impressed with the passion and enthusiasm of older people to remain engaged. Arts and crafts, hot air balloons, their attitude to life was exemplary. That’s one reason I thought to write an article on the activities of senior citizens, where we come in. Let us see some of the activities for the elderly.

Some of the other activities you can plan for the elderly are:

Set to go a mile. This is something that is within the capabilities of most senior citizens.

Mental exercises, how to solve puzzles and perform mathematical calculations without using paper and pencil to do. This may delay the onset of serious diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s disease, or slow the progression of the disease in people already suffering from the disease.

Monthly birthday parties can be a great way for senior citizens to get with each other. Furthermore, it will recreate an unforgettable experience.

It has a quiz about movies, music, TV shows, actors and other categories that seniors are familiar with or passionate.

Playing Favorites – think favorite choice of all, for example, your favorite sport, favorite food, favorite music or genre. Keep prizes for match and win.

Sculpting for seniors – you can use the soft clay products, which are made for children. There should be a prize for the fastest statues and sculptures made for the better. This activity will also help in strengthening the dexterity ‘senior and muscle control.

A holiday trip to a beautiful place, can be arranged. Nature is one of the most effective medicine for the mind.

Holding flower decoration competition. Floral supplies, vases and scissors. You are allowed to take home their handmade creations.

Senior Supply with a camera. Each can take pictures of your favorite items and display them to others as a slide show.

You can also put your favorite recipe among the many recipes, and urged seniors to guess.

Each senior could talk for a few minutes offering personal advice and tips on health related issues.

These are some of the activities for the elderly. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that seniors keep yourself busy with some other activity, if life can get a little monotonous. Not only do these activities keep the seniors busy, this will also help them to be healthy and spontaneous. We hope this article is useful for everyone, especially for our seniors.

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