The immediate feeling is that fewer workers are available, as many people have returned to their hometowns due to the fear and uncertainty of the current situation.

To overcome these challenges, the administrative authorities must review their strategies to optimize labor support while managing better with fewer staff. It will be necessary to examine each activity in detail from the current context and include objectives such as:

Does the activity have any added value?


Does it require a new perspective and, therefore, to be modified?

Additional activities?

Requirements for a better quality of living

Maximise automation

Optimise / minimize labor support

Reduce the overall cost

improve all efficiency aspects, including quality, performance, and time management.

Comfort levels for people can be improved

Improve mutual trust between residents, administration

Increased happiness of residents

Assure safety and environmental issues.

And so on ……

Determining the need for various resources is more manageable when requirements and objectives have been identified and defined correctly.

The next step is to determine how to use surplus resources best or organize the resources in case there are any gaps.

After taking the above actions, I think administrative authorities will have surplus resources and laborers. If there are any shortages of the kind of resources, then find ways to organize them without adding more burden to the residents.

Covid-19 will help them to improve their administration and streamline the workforce.