India was the first developing country to introduce a state-sponsored program for family planning in 1951. It was called the National Family Planning Program. The program’s primary goals were to reduce fertility rates and slow population growth to promote economic development.

The fertility rate has decreased from 5.7 in 1967 to 2.2 in 2019

The good news stops here. Even today, a large population is still impoverished and uninformed, producing many children nearly equivalent to 1966 fertility rates. It keeps the people of the poor growing at an extremely high rate. At the same time, the population in the educated section of society is being controlled. The population of the upper-income groups does not grow, but that of the poorest continues to increase.

Will our GDP grow at this rate?

Can we reduce the number of slums?

Can we reduce our extreme poverty?

When will our current job crisis end?

Vote bank politics to end?

When will the filth of the cities be gone?

It’s time to stop lip service to family planning and start implementing accurate family planning for the poorer sections of society so they can benefit from having fewer children and live a better lifestyle.