In the same manner, I had managed my life and kept it inside a briefcase. When I asked people what style I had, they would ask me if I was fishing.

There is a tale of Mangal Singh, a resident of Orissa. His house has located a distance from Malkhan Giri. Around the manager, there were genders. Mangal Singh was his wife, Neelu; two sons, Rakesh & Mukesh & a daughter Shanti. Both of his sons were trained as fishermen by His Mangal. The fisherman’s son, who has been fishing for our ancestors, will also be a fisherman.

Mars fished in a boat on day 1. The wind suddenly began to blow, the lighting started to crackle, and the river wave began shaking. This fire should not include a man. After reaching the river’s banks, I kept the remaining fish in my bag and left the trap. I then returned home, and the rain increased. My son Rakesh was the one who opened the door when I reached home. They were surprised when I arrived to sing. My wife Neelu asked me first if I knew when the children had been hungry.

In my mind, I kept thinking that children were hungry. I also found some fish to make it possible for one person to be fed. After drinking water and eating a few dreams, I fell asleep. A drop of rain from the roof fell on my face. The test of life was so intense that I asked for my existence to ensure I didn’t lose.

The morning began well, but nothing spectacular happened. I collected about Rs 200. It was not enough. So I can run my home. Why are the rich sitting on the shoulders of the poor?

We understood that changing some things in our lives was only natural. I didn’t want to witness the pain in my family. How long would I be unable to fulfill my daughter’s fears? The government announced that people experiencing poverty would receive pucca houses and ration cards. Since 20 years ago, I have had no money for my wedding. I can only say that my life depends on a fishing line.

He told all the fishermen in Malkangiri that they would export their fish to other countries and benefit immensely from it. A wave of happiness was now coming over his face. The brothers of the fisherman were pleased. No poor person ever makes money to cover their basic needs. He needed this.

Mars looked better now than it did before. He moved from the forest to the city. Fish was his usual occupation. After a few years, his two sons were grown, and his daughter was attending college. Everything was good. Rakesh was a son who owned his own printing business and used to make a lot of money. Mukesh, a young boy, had been told by his father to get involved in the fishing business.

The daughter’s education was complete, and the marriage age had arrived. Both sons chose not to get married. After the daughter marries, we will see what happens with the son. The daughter had begun developing relationships, but not all were understood. My daughter was happy with the decision she had to make. The future looked bright. The time came, and the marriage of my daughter was set. The boy was also a doctor.

After marriage, we will not see the separation between the son and daughter, but their natural home is at her in-laws’ house. I thought that I had calmed down.