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Over the decades and decades, gaming has evolved to new levels, but it all started at the arcades. You can mash big buttons and use joysticks to experience arcade games. These games are very popular at theme parks and amusement parks and draw many gamers’ attention.

To find the right modern arcade machine for your setup, you will need to search for the best arcade game manufacturer that offers a large selection and a comprehensive line-up of modern arcade games.

This blog will tell you how to find the best arcade games and equipment. We’ll also tell you why A. A Joyland is the best arcade machine manufacturer for buying full-fledged arcade games.


Companies like Namco Bandai and Capcom introduced arcade games to the market. The arcade machine era began in the late 70s and early 1980s with arcade machines such as Street Fighter, Pacman and King of Fighters.

Arcade games make a great addition to offices, amusement parks, and even your living room if they are your favourite game. You can choose your favourite arcade game from an arcade machine supplier and are ready to play real arcade gaming.

Why A.A Joyland, a leading Arcade Machine Maker

A.A Joyland, a South-East Asian arcade machine and recreational product manufacturer with over two decades of experience in the industry, is highly regarded. A.A Joyland offers various arcade games at their indoor and outdoor theme parks, including Super Space Karachi, Super Space Hyderabad, and other parks throughout Pakistan. These are just a few reasons A. A Joyland is a leading manufacturer of arcade machines and amusement products.


Quality is key when it comes to amusement products. Modern arcade machines are generally of good quality. However, this all depends on the supplier. Each arcade game manufacturer has a quality rating ISO, which you should review before purchasing.


Warranty is essential for any arcade machine supplier. You will receive a warranty when buying an arcade machine from . Joyland for security and convenience. We offer installation and setups, unlike other arcade machine manufacturers.


Arcade games don’t just include fighting or shooting games. There are many other types of arcade games. Check out the catalogue of arcade game manufacturers before you make any purchases for an indoor amusement park or theme park. Reputable arcade game manufacturers such as A. A Joyland also offer games like foosball and air hockey. These are just a few of the arcade games A. A Joyland has to offer as an arcade machine manufacturer.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey is all about having fun. Air Hockey is a modern arcade game that allows you to play table hockey quickly. You need a paddle to shoot the puck into the opponent’s goal. This arcade game is the best you can buy from any arcade machine manufacturer. We at A. A Joyland offers the highest quality Air Hockey machines on the market.

Extreme Shoot

Our Hoop shot arcade game is perfect for modern basketball fans. To score baskets, grab a ball and aim for the target. The game is won by the player who has the most baskets.

Monster Hunter

Things are about to get serious. Monster Hunter is the perfect game for anyone who wants action, thrill, and horror. You are spawned in a dystopian society with a swarm of monsters. The only way to escape is to fight back. Grab your gun, grab some points and win the game by hacking and slashing through a swarm of monsters. We are one of the few arcade game producers that can create and distribute first-person shooter games with remote controls, speakers and intuitive controls.

Jolly Crane

Do you love candies? Jolly Crane is for you. The interactive arcade game Jolly Crane lets you try your luck at grabbing candy from the machine by using controls. We build jolly cranes according to your specifications, including colour, size, and themes. Who can win the most candy?

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